ninja ludo apk download free for android – 2023

In this post i will tell how you guys Ninja Ludo apk download. To download Ninja Ludo apk, you will find the download button at the very bottom. So you can Ninja Ludo apk download from there.

Ninja Ludo apk is an online ludo game playing platform. You can also earn teal cash by playing Ninja Ludo apk.

Ninja Ludo apk which is a part of zupee game. Zupee app and Ninja Ludo apk is very popular ludo app in india at this time.

As soon as you download and sign up the Ninja Ludo APK, you will get a signup bonus of 10 rupes which you can use in the game.

About ninja ludo apk

Ninja Ludo apk is India’s online ludo game apk. By downloading it you can play your favorite ludo game. You can also earn real cash by playing ninja ludo apk, and you can send teal cash to your bank account.

Ninja Ludo apk is an online safe ludo game. You can play ludo with real player in this ninja ludo game if you win ludo match then you will get real cash which will be in your ninja ludo game wallet. You can send that real cash to your bank account whenever you want.

This ninja game is a free to play ludo game for android mobile, this game is to provide you money along with entertainment. Internet is used to play this game when you play with another player online.

In this you can play games 24/7 and withdraw instant money.

In this game, you can call your friends and form your own group and play against your opponent. This game is very fun. You can also play this game without paying any money. What makes this game special is its 24 moves that you and your opponent have, in this 24 moves only you have to beat your opponent, if you beat him then you win.

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Ninja Ludo APK Feature

In Ludo Ninja you mainly get 6 features which will protect you and help you to play the game and many more benefits will be given to you by all these features.

Below I have told these 6 features one by one, so it will be good if you definitely read it once.

  • Instant Withdrawals – You get the option of instant withdrawal in this application, so that you can get your money instantly in your bank account.
  • Supreme Cashback – You get supreme cashback in this app from time to time.
  • 100%Secure & Legal – This application is hundred percent secure and legal.
  • 24/7 Tournaments – 24/7 tournaments keep running in this application. You can play tournaments at any time.
  • RNG Certified – This application is RNG certified.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – In this application, you get dedicated customer support, so that you can clear your doubts by talking 24/7 time.

Ninja Ludo APK Download Free

To download Ludo Ninja APK, first of all you will find a download button below. Simply by clicking on it, you can download the APK very easily.

You can download Ludo Ninja APK free from here.

How to play ludo in Ninja App

To play Ludo in Ludo Ninja you must first download this Ludo app. After that you can choose your favorite format like Solo Duo and Squad and play.

You can start the team after choosing your format. You will get a dice in it. Based on that the game will start. When 6 comes on your dice then your move will start. You can move If you move 1 step you will get 1 point. If you move six steps, you get 6 points. If you nail the opponent’s token, you will get an extra move and their token will go back to the home. And they will be deducted as many points as your opponent got.

In this game of Ludo, if you take your token inside the house, then you get full 56 points, which have more points. He wins this game. If you deduct your opponent’s token, you get the point earned by that token.


Can I play Ludo Ninja for free?

Yes, you can play Ludo Ninja for free.

Can Ludo be played online?

Yes, Ludo can be played online on Ludo Ninja. Download it for free and start winning real cash.

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